About Us

Brightness and gloss will fascinate you by beauty and uniqueness. Discover new facets of your personality. Shine with us.

Our company was established in 2012 and we are one of the forwarding evening and casual jewellery and accessory designers for both men and women in the Russian market for now.

We are inspired by the magnificent and sophisticated looks of the Swarovski crystals and pearls and we love expanding its potential of wearability.

That is why we base our designs on the aesthetics of luxury. 

We create fresh brand-new designs so you could raise above the mediocrity and shine through the casualty. Explore every bit of your moods and yourself with us.

Our product consists of several important elements:

Swarovski crystals.

Our own unique designs.

Raw and nature inspired materials.

Pure and high quality of metals. 

Every piece is created in 1 to 20 copies. 


Our expert team picks only best materials possible, which is less than 10 % of  what market offers. 

 We guarantee:

High-quality and eye-catching products at attractive pricing.

Our service is really quick.

Efficient and fast customer experience.

Your absolute satisfaction in shopping with us.

Each and single day we evolve together with our customers, that is why you appreciation is significant to us.

If you have any suggestions regarding service or product improvement, please, let us know.

We suggest exclusive high-quality products, which meet international standards. 

We value our reputation and apply world standards to work with our clients. 

Thank you for shopping with us.